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Programs and Solutions

SMC offers several programs to businesses to ramp up your company's growth.  With flexible options, choose from the following list or define your own program and get on the path to growth.
  • Growth Strategy Consulting - Let's consider growth strategies that could work for your company as well as organization changes. 

  • Marketing Goal Setting – Let’s figure out what you want to accomplish.  

  • Strategic Marketing Plan, Tactical Action Plan, Calendar of Activities – Let’s develop a high level strategy backed by practical, tactical actions to reach your goals.

  • Competitive Analysis – Let’s scan the market and determine where your company and key competitors are positioned.

  • Marketing Recruitment, Onboarding, and Mentoring Program – Let’s hire some marketing staff!  And let’s do it right, bringing them on board and creating a mentoring program to help them learn and grow.

  • Marketing and Tactical Plan Evaluation and Revisit – Let’s take a look at how our strategies and tactics worked, and what we need to change to meet your goals.

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