The Challenge of Positioning

For any company, the challenge of figuring out how to position your firm can seem daunting. Think of positioning as how you want your clients to perceive you. Each firm has unique characteristics, however, that can be amplified through your marketing. Go through a process to discover your competitive advantages. Think through what makes your firm different than others. Start with a longer list, then refine based what truly differentiates your firm, and what competitors cannot claim. I suggest selecting no more than three competitive advantages – keep the message to clients simple and concise. Three differentiators also helps you and your staff remember and reinforce these advantages i

Don’t Underestimate the Power of Referrals

I work with a lot of small businesses. They typically have leaders who are talented and accomplished in their fields. They drive their companies forward based on unique products or services that serve a need in the market - but we don't always know about them! Getting a referral from a fellow business owner who has established working relationships is almost priceless. By getting a referral for a service from someone you trust, much of the hard work spent locating and researching is done for you. For example, I was in need of some help with basic accounting and taxes. With an ocean of tax prep companies and accounting services out there, I wasn’t sure where to start. I asked a colleague

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