Right Now, It's All About Relationships

Relationships matter. We enjoy connecting with other people, and build trust with people who enjoy doing what we do. While we currently aren't able to physically get together, it's even more important to engage with others. Nurture those relationships you have - it's so vital to our wellbeing (personally and professionally) now. I'd much rather engage with someone I know to get what I need than find an unknown business. We also tap our network if we need assistance, and the power of the referral network is incredibly important. If I trust you, and you refer me to a business, I already have a certain level of trust with that “new to me” business. A key to great marketing is to develop st

It's All in the Implementation

Businesses often have great ideas of how to market and get the word out about their business. And why not? Business owners know their business and market better than anyone, typically. However, many businesses struggle with the consistent implementation of their marketing. I’ve seen businesses start off with great ideas, plans, and content to reach their target market, update their web site, or post on social media. After that initial push, it is hard to stay dedicated as your day-to-day work continues to have pressing deadlines and new issues crop up. So how to keep those marketing efforts going? Set up a schedule in which you devote a particular time to marketing. It could be Sunday a

The Pivot

It’s already been a long day, but then Nino got the news that all restaurants were moving to take out and delivery. As a small café in Dorchester - Cafe Zia Gianna - that caters to neighborhood patrons for coffee, Italian pastries, and lunches, this seemed like an impossible task. People “hanging out” in his bright and cheery café are the lifeblood of his business. Thinking and rethinking options, Nino talked to his close friends and supporters, figuring out who he could rely on to help him change his business model to “to go” style. His customers are loyal and love his authentic Italian cooking, so he knew he could try this. He put together a to go menu, balancing dinners and sweet des

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