Marketing for Small Businesses Series: Where Do You Want To Be In Your Market?

Do you dream about dominating your market? Gaining market share and increasing revenue? Getting a loyal customer following? Being the cheaper, better, faster solution in your market? Whatever the dream for your business, you need to identify that goal, and then create a path to reach that goal. The first step is figuring out where your company is in your market now. How much market share do you have? How do your clients perceive you now? Ask them why they choose you over competitors. What do your competitors offer and how does your product/service differ? Armed with this knowledge, you can figure out where you currently are in your market. Next step – where do you want to be in your

Marketing for Small Businesses Series

Topic 1: Why Develop a Marketing Strategy? If you a part of a start up or small business, you may be perplexed by all of the marketing terms thrown about these days and what you need to do to get your business growing. Target market, social media presence, SEO, marketing platform…..there are many marketing concepts to consider. In my mind, simpler is better. Start by a developing a Marketing Strategy. A Marketing Strategy can help you achieve your company’s goals. Marketing Strategy ties the overall strategic goals of a company to how marketing can complement and support the achievement of these goals. The marketing strategy combines all of the marketing goals into one comprehensive p

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