Marketing and Growth Solutions For Businesses


Strategic Marketing Consulting provides proven strategies to businesses of all sizes to help businesses grow gracefully, increase the effect of marketing efforts, raise client awareness, and reinforce market positioning.  




Proven strategic marketing, business development, and oganizational  consultant  focused on assisting small businesses. Expertise finding innovative ways to present implementable solutions to clients.


Specializing in helping businesses discover the path to growth, increased revenue, and more market share. The focus is on practical, implementable solutions that business owners can achieve.   Areas of expertise include strategic planning, growth strategies, marketing goal setting; strategic marketing plans, tactical action plans, blueprint of marketing activities; competitive analysis; and marketing recruitment, onboarding, and mentoring.  


SMC works with businesses of all sizes to assist with growth and marketing.  Clients include businesses in many different industries, including infrastructure and engineering, retail, restaurants, and service-based businesses. 

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